Ability to change odrive2 cache location (different folder or drive)



I’ve been using the old Odrive for a long time. My main HD is C:, but I’ve moved the Odrive folder to D:\ since there are very limited space on my drive C.

I uninstalled the old Odrive and installed the new Odrive2. But now I cannot find the option or way to move the default folder from drive C:\ to drive D:. Actually I don’t even know if the current default path of Odrive 2 is drive C:\ or not… can anyone help?


Hi @night,
The general odrive application cache is currently placed in the user’s Application Data folder, so it will be on the drive where your user profile is located. This cannot be changed right now.

When you use the sync feature, the folder used is the folder you specify for the local side of the sync relationship.

I have updated this to a feature request to it can be tracked properly.