Amazon drive bug in Windows desktop client

Hi there,
Just tried adding Amazon Drive via the latest version of the windows desktop client and it hit a glitch during the final access authentication approval stage because it “doesn’t support old versions of internet explorer”. Instead, I added my Amazon Drive via the web client with no problems at all.

Hi @fatangel01,
Can you tell me what version of Windows you are using?
Can you also tell me what version of Internet Explorer (not to be confused with Edge) you have installed?

Sure. I don’t actually use IE, but my PC has IE11 on it (plus Edge and Chrome). I’m guessing yours (or Amazon’s) credentials interface automatically opens IE? And I have windows 10 home.

Thanks @fatangel01! I was able to reproduce this using a UK amazon account. US accounts don’t seem to hit this issue, for some reason. We’ll investigate to see how we can avoid this.

That’s great. Glad it wasn’t just me! :grinning:

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