Android Release 2018-05-08


We’ve released an updated Android build which contains some bug fixes.

Android 1.0.257:

  • Fix for downloading files from Facebook.
  • Fix for opening GSuite (e.g. Google Docs, Google Sheets) files through the app.
  • Fix for opening OneNote files through the app.

The Android app is available from the Google Play store here



Hi @jeff

Few points:

  • no integration with finger reader for login,
  • no way to use native android “share” function (odrive does not appear as one of the client of share)

will we have it?


Hello @homonto,

Thanks for the feedback. Both of the items you are things we’d like to do. I’m not sure when they’ll come out, but they are high value features that would be prioritized for the app.

Right now, even though you cannot share directly into the app, if you have another app that can save a file on your phone, you can do so and then use the upload feature from the app. This is a 2-step process, so it’s not ideal. But we do want to support this soon (e.g. sharing from your gallery app for photos directly into odrive to save the file).



Thank you @jeff for your answer.
The point is: if I use google or onedrive client on my phone to store the file there, then what is the point of having odrive client on my phone? :wink:

I understood that while Google/MS/others provide me the space, odrive provide me the means of manipulating the files there. So in fact on my phone/computer I don’t need to use native google drive or onedrive - odrive shall do the job.


Yeah, that was just a suggestion for you at the present moment while we don’t have the feature available. I’m definitely not trying to dismiss your point… I agree with you that implementing sharing would make the app more powerful and easier to use.

To answer your question in another way, though: odrive gives you a way to combine and share your storage in a different way. So if you wanted to create a drive to share some specific folders (e.g. one folder from somewhere in Dropbox and one folder from somewhere in Google Drive) with someone else, you can use odrive to easily do so. Your files can remain where they are in whatever storage that you use to organize your own data. But when you want to create a custom cloud drive with specific content from specific places in one or more different storage sources, you can use odrive to do it instead.

Replacing native clients is something that a lot of people are interested in (especially when offered the capability to share, backup, encrypt, and sync with any storage when fully realized), but there are also ways and reasons to use odrive even alongside native clients (if a native client happens to have something the user needs or can leverage).



See @jeff - at least in my case: I find odrive providing BETTER experience than native client. Example: unsync, encrypt etc.
That is why I would abandon onedrive/gdrive clients if I can use one consolidated client - odrive. And this is what I want to pay.
Native clients are already paid and there is no point of discussing them - they are there but with limited usability (by design or by omission by their developers - no idea)