Announcing odrive2


odrive2’s desktop client currently has a concept of “remove from local cache”, which is included by default.


Just on the off chance I’m being daft, because it happens, The only true “client” thats been released for odrive2 is for windows (e.g. Mac and linux are not out of the incubator yet?)


There’s the private beta Windows client and also the publicly released Android and iOS clients. Technically the web client is also a client, but I understand what you’re getting at. :wink: You’re right, Mac and Linux are not out of the incubator yet… I’m very excited for when they’ll go out, too.



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improvement is a must so let it be :wink:
Questions though: will odrive1 (the current one) abandoned or still being developed in parallel to odrive2?
and if abandoned: will odrive1 stop working so the migration to odrive2 will be mandatory (to continue) or only further improvement of odrive1 will be stopped?


Hi @homonto,
A fair amount of our focus will be on odrive2 so that we can achieve feature parity with odrive1 as fast as we can, but we will definitely still be maintaining, supporting and improving odrive1. In fact we just had a fairly large release on odrive1 yesterday with some big enhancements/fixes. :slight_smile:

Odrive vs odrive2?

Thank you @Tony

Two more:

1- today it is 100$/y so 8.33$/m. New drive is 2$/m. What am I missing here? Santa Claus is in December, right? :wink:

2- odrive1 did not require separated login (to - it was realized by authentication via cloud vendor - I find it much more simple (and maybe more secure) than what you are proposing in odrive2: odrive login, then storage login - why changed then the method?


Hi @homonto,

The odrive1 Premium subscription includes all of the odrive Premium features. odrive2’s base membership subscription currently gives you the ability to upload, modify, and reorganize. odrive2 will have a “member store” that will also allow you to upgrade to additional services, like sync, encryption, and backup.

odrive1 Premium subscribers can get corresponding credit on odrive2, too:

Utilizing OAuth, while convenient, ended up causing lots and lots of confusion, with folks accidentally creating multiple odrive accounts and not knowing which one to use. It also created problems when users has issues or lost access to their authenticating account, because then they lost access to their odrive account.

We also had quite a few people who did not want to use another service and wanted an odrive-specific login.

It was a tough decision, but we decided that having an odrive-specific login was best. We have made the process extremely secure and offer 2nd factor authentication, as well.


Are there any plans to be able to move/copy items/folders between cloud services when everything’s combined into a single drive?


thank you for deep and quick answers.
I am a big fan and heavy user of odrive (as you can see my gazillion posts already).
I expected your above answers exactly as they are.
So now, a bit deeper from my side (I cannot promise these are the last ones I have):
1- when will we see full scope of odrive2 implemented? with all services etc.?
2- there are key points in odrive1 without which odrive2 has little meaning to premium users (like me):

  • unsync/bandwidth limitations etc.
  • encryption
  • cli
  • MacOS client (put here any OS)
  • add more here (but less important to me)
    3- also:
  • android client: - no integration with finger reader for login, no way to use native android “share” function (odrive does not appear as one of the client of share)
    4- having at one moment both services: odrive1 and odrive2 - will it be fully independent even if working on the same storage/files?


Yes, you’ll be able to drag and drop files from one storage to another. Your desktop client will be used as the intermediary, but the point is that it will be easy to initiate and we’ll take care of it for you in the background and let you monitor progress.

If you are interested in a remote-to-remote migration service (without the desktop client as the broker), can you let us know more about what your use case is like / what you’re trying to do? We’d like to offer this at some point as well, but we need to understand how to best do it in a way that is optimal for the user and also sustainable for us to do as a company.



Hi @jeff

Example of remote-to-remote:
I have stored 500GB on onedrive and I want to have a backup of this on google drive.
If you are going to implement copy from onedrive to google via my local computer then we are talking about 1 TB of upload/download - that is not remote-to-remote. It is remote to local and local to remote. I am not sure we are talking about this here.
My IPS gives me 25Mbps - it will take me ages. If it is really remote-to-remote let MS and Google handle this copy without using my bandwidth.
I am not sure how and if it is possible but this is what I would like to see.


Hi Jeff,
The main thing we would like is to be able to shift files across to another drive services without downloading and uploading. A desktop client would be great to drag and drop temp files and odrive handles the rest. But I would understand if this was an online only service due to data logistics and computer delays.

Does odrive2 current allow for data transfer across drives on the online client? This is something I actually need right now for my team as we are looking to move everything from BOX to OneDrive.


There are other products in the marketplace that can perform this function, but they’re not very robust. I agree this is something that should be in ODrive2, and have made a thread discussing this point already. Feel free to chime in over there if you have any more input to support this use case!


Where can I find documentation on odrive 2? Features, users manual, etc.?


Hi @mark_caldera18,
Documentation is something we are working towards, but it is lacking right now. Please let us know if you have any specific questions, in the meantime.


Ultimately it’s about the freedom to easily move and organize your data between different providers (or even the same provider – a similar powerful feature would be the ability to copy (or copy/move via Finder integration) files/folders even within the same service but without having to download/reupload everything.).

Beyond the basics like creating a backup on a different service or migrating when pricing/feature sets change, I often have cases where someone shares content on one service and I’d like to integrate it into some project collection on a different service. Typically talking 100s or 1000s of GBs at a time.

And unrelated, but something else that would be huge is an indication in the desktop app of sync status – detailed files / time remaining type stuff.


I would love to try out the beta of the desktop client. I don’t see any option to send private messages in this forum. Maybe it’s just not turned on for my account? Or maybe I missed something?



I second this in particular. I am a long time user of the free version, but I cannot go fully on board with the paid version until I know for sure that Google Team Drives is covered.
I do not wish to go down a blind alley. There has been many promises or stalled change requests for a long time, afterall. (Hopefully this will change into a much better flow with v2 ongoing).


Hi @tjeef,
We definitely plan to have Team Drive support. I will be looking more into that soon. We’ll be sure to announce once we have it.