Announcing odrive2


Hi Jeff,
The main thing we would like is to be able to shift files across to another drive services without downloading and uploading. A desktop client would be great to drag and drop temp files and odrive handles the rest. But I would understand if this was an online only service due to data logistics and computer delays.

Does odrive2 current allow for data transfer across drives on the online client? This is something I actually need right now for my team as we are looking to move everything from BOX to OneDrive.


There are other products in the marketplace that can perform this function, but they’re not very robust. I agree this is something that should be in ODrive2, and have made a thread discussing this point already. Feel free to chime in over there if you have any more input to support this use case!


Where can I find documentation on odrive 2? Features, users manual, etc.?


Hi @mark_caldera18,
Documentation is something we are working towards, but it is lacking right now. Please let us know if you have any specific questions, in the meantime.


Ultimately it’s about the freedom to easily move and organize your data between different providers (or even the same provider – a similar powerful feature would be the ability to copy (or copy/move via Finder integration) files/folders even within the same service but without having to download/reupload everything.).

Beyond the basics like creating a backup on a different service or migrating when pricing/feature sets change, I often have cases where someone shares content on one service and I’d like to integrate it into some project collection on a different service. Typically talking 100s or 1000s of GBs at a time.

And unrelated, but something else that would be huge is an indication in the desktop app of sync status – detailed files / time remaining type stuff.


I would love to try out the beta of the desktop client. I don’t see any option to send private messages in this forum. Maybe it’s just not turned on for my account? Or maybe I missed something?



I second this in particular. I am a long time user of the free version, but I cannot go fully on board with the paid version until I know for sure that Google Team Drives is covered.
I do not wish to go down a blind alley. There has been many promises or stalled change requests for a long time, afterall. (Hopefully this will change into a much better flow with v2 ongoing).


Hi @tjeef,
We definitely plan to have Team Drive support. I will be looking more into that soon. We’ll be sure to announce once we have it.


Tony. I am interested In the private betas for odrive2. I’m currently a odrive1 premium subscriber


@Tony, same for me, been looking around for an option to send a message to join the private beta but can’t find it. Would like to test on MacOS (and am current v1 premium)


Could not figure out how to send a message directly to you to be able to test Mac desktop app too.

I can test on Windows (desktop & Server, also Server & desktop Previews) & Mac
What are the primary use cases and desired solutions?
I currently share files between my Mac & workstation that I keep synchronized with oDrive 1. For example Quicken Files, or photos that I’m editing for a job. If I’m going to consider ODrive 2 then I need to be able to get the same functionality which is to be able to edit or change a file on one system and have the changes synced to all of my other systems.

Are you a user of the current odrive product? YES
If so, are you a Premium subscriber? YES


I did figure out how to send a private message, but

Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.

I was a Premium odrive user way back in 2016. I let my subscription lapse because there was a feature pause. I’m excited to see odrive2 and would love to test it. I currently use Multcloud and CloudHQ, but something native would be divine.

  1. What systems can you test on (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android)?
    Windows 10, macOS 13+, iOS, Android O+, Linux (QNAP and Synology)

  2. What are the primary use cases and desired solutions?
    Accessing cloud storage from anywhere in the filesystem, syncing information (two-way) for clients that lack a sync app or multiple accounts with the same storage service (e.g. two Google/GSuite accounts), Backing up info from local FS to cloud.

  3. Are you a user of the current odrive product? If so, are you a Premium subscriber? (Note: Being a Premium subscriber is not a requirement for beta group membership).


Thanks for the interest everyone!

I have tried to respond to all requests for private beta via direct message, but let me know if I missed you. I have also tweaked the requirements for sending private messages (gaining trust level 1) so it is easier. It really just requires that you read a few threads/posts and spend 5+ minutes on the forum.

Private beta activity has tapered off now that the Windows client is in public beta, but I expect more movement there once we get farther along with some of the other clients and features.


I still seem unable to direct message, despite spending some time on the forum and participating in discussions last year.

I’m interested in the beta client for MacOS. I’m a premium subscriber, and currently use odrive1 primarily for my photography workflow, so my photos can be backed up to Google Drive & then ‘unsynced’ to save space on my machine.



Can we have some informations about the pricing and the contract ?
I have some credit because i am a odrive1 users, at the begin Odrive2 i have read 2,99$ per months, so now in the open member store we have 4,99$ for each functionnality (backup, sync, backdown, and surely tomorrow encryption …) so i want all the functionnality, i ll paid : 4x4,99$ = 20$ each month ??? is it a joke ?
or could you explain us how it work and what’s the final price ??? because, if we need to paid 2,99$ for access services and 4,99$ for each options per months … i ll stay on odrive1 … !!!

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:



Thanks for your question. Pricing is about value, which will be difficult to clarify until full product release. odrive2 is also significantly different from odrive1, so comparisons are useful but not exact.

That said, we want to make sure odrive1 users are well supported.

We will continue to offer odrive1 after odrive2 is released. odrive1 functionality and pricing will remain unchanged. odrive2 is an option for odrive1 users. And premium odrive1 subscribers can get dollar-for-dollar credit in odrive2 to get even more value for no additional fee.

The odrive2 pricing model is monthly membership plus ala-cart add-ons. odrive2 will support much more functionality than odrive1, and many of those features will be very specialized. The pricing model unbundles the service and lets users customize their odrive2 subscription.

For sync users, the service costs will drop from $99/year to $6.98/month or just $3.49/month with pre-pay credit offer.

For super users who want to sync, backup, backdown, and encrypt, the service will cost $21.95/month or just $10.98/month with pre-pay credit offer.

( Pre-pay credit offer gives you $200 of service credit for $100. )

It is entirely OK to stay with odrive1. For users who want more, we hope you try odrive2!


Can’t access thread.


Hi @anarchyconcepts,
I believe you were looking for this link: Features similar to Multcloud?. It should be available for viewing now.


Hi there, I was just trying to access the payment options, but can’t find how to access the shop. What am I missing?
Thanks. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi @fatangel01,
Click “Open Member Store” from the odrive2 tray menu. There you will see the current available options.