Changing username

Hi team,

Props for allowing the update of the ODrive ID instead of locking it to the first thing you sign up with (how many people regret their choice of usernames after a period of time?) … however, it doesn’t seem like it flows across to the forums (my username here is still @yukihyou) and there doesn’t seem to be a way of changing it here.

Is there a way to do that?


Hi @yukihyou,
There is an option I can enable that will always pull the odrive username over on every login, but I don’t have it enabled because I’m not sure how that affects mentions and such.

You should be able to change your username from the preferences page in your profile ( Let me know if that is not the case.

Negative - I cannot change it on that page. It’s not an editable box, and there is no “Update” link or similar like there is on the ODrive app itself.

I guess it’s a good time to test it, when there’s not that mentions currently on the boards? I volunteer as tribute!

Hi @yukihyou,
Can you check now? There was a setting I found that prevented name changes after a certain period of time. I have extended that now by about 1000 years… which should suffice :wink:

And done! It has changed successfully. It did give me this warning though:


So, it might cause problems if people start messing with it too much … and I’m not sure what would happen if someone used my old name now (do they get linked to in the posts with tags?) …

I was hoping that the forum would use a similar method to Discord, where tags are like @<654654987987654654> in the back end and render to a name lookup when you load the message, so name changes don’t cause issues … but apparently not.

Yeah, I am curious about that too. Using a unique identifier in the back would make sense, but I guess it is not implemented that way. This forum uses discourse, which I like a lot, in general, but it does have some quirks…

Yeah, I remember looking into it a while back, when I first was using the original ODrive forums … but ended up throwing it in the “too hard basket” - it has a lot of very specific things it wants or does that don’t make it easy to slot into things.