Cross platform support, encryption and auto-start/mount on login?


Currently I use Insync to sync my Google Drive to two separate Veracrypt NTFS shared volumes, one on my desktop that Linux and Windows use, with a similar setup on my laptop. Once /etc/fstab and /etc/crypttab are configured correctly in Linux, and things like hibernation and fast start are disabled on Windows, this works quite well and seamlessly syncs my files in such a way that I never need to think about it.

Unfortunately Insync does not offer an encryption feature, so I have been looking at solutions that may work with Insync. Boxcryptor would be great, but unfortunately there is no full Linux client. Cryptomator does offer cross platform support, but u fortunately their Linux client has not yet implemented auto-start on login, so after entering my password to login, I would also have to open Cryptomator and enter my password to mount it at say /mnt/cloud. I know that sometimes I will just not decrypt, and this will inevitably lead to files not being synced, or worse, file corruption.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but with odrive it seems I could use one service to handle syncing and encryption which is a bonus, but unfortunately the original version offers no Android client and the new version of odrive offers no Linux client?


Hi @dairefagan,

You are correct. odrive1 has a linux client. odrive2 has an android client. They are different platforms, but can actually be used together by linking the same storage on both. Please take a look at this post for more information: