Default Storage Naming


I have 2 Google accounts, one being my long-time personal one, and one from my current employer. When I connect them it just shows my real name, and no indication which is what. The same is true of OneDrive.

There also seems(!) to be no way to unattach an account nor a way to back track to which is what.

Ideas? Soluitions?

Announcing odrive2

Hi @lrosenman,
Currently the default name used for the storage, when linked, is your name. If you end up having multiple accounts with the same name you can rename the storage from “Personal Settings” at the bottom left of the page on, once logged in (Click on the pencil icon at the right of the listed storage). You can also remove the linked storage here.

You can rename the link in a drive (under “Files”) by clicking on the arrow at the right of the listed link and clicking “Rename”. If you drill into the link from here to see what its contents are.


Ok, I found the pencil and trash cans, and as I attached the drives, I renamed them.

It would be nice™ if the default names included which service and what id, or at least put the icon for the service and it’s avatar.