Embedded Share is now available!


Need a simple way to share files from your cloud storage through your website?

The Embedded Share feature allows you to share the drives that you’ve created in odrive in your own websites. After creating a curated drive with content from one or more storage accounts to share, just paste a short code snippet into your site. This feature works with WordPress and other website building and hosting services. Users will be able to browse your drive and download files. No changes to your files are allowed.

It’s really simple to use. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, go to the drive you want to embed. Click on the sharing button above.

  2. Next, on the Share Drive options dialog, select EMBED THIS DRIVE at the bottom.

  3. When the Configure Embedded Share dialog comes up, you have the option of selecting whether or not the portal view comes up in File List or picture gallery File Grid mode. These are the same views as you see in your Files view on the web.

  4. Now, take copy the code snippet and paste it into your website.

  5. Visit your website, and see your files!

This is a great, low-hassle way to share your content from the confines of your storage through a website. Let us what you think about the feature in this forum post. Thanks for trying it out!


Web Release 2018-05-14