Icon overlays showing active but monitor reports everything is synced

Hi @Tony - I’ve been having a similar challenge. Started syncing a lot of files, pc crashed (unrelated, I was probably trying to do too many things at once). When pc rebooted, the sync manager said that the sync had completed (it hadn’t). I went into shell and ran the sync scan command which worked for one folder but not the others. From a usability point of view it’d be better if a) the Sync Monitor automatically picked up where it had left off and b) if there was a button in the Sync Monitor to manually force a sync refresh.

Hi @fatangel01,
Sorry to hear you ran into to trouble here. The sync should pick up any changes on its own, without having to goose it via the sync scan.

It may be possible that the subsequent commands weren’t effective because the first scan was still occurring.

Are you still seeing a discrepancy between local and remote?

Hi @Tony - thanks for the quick response. I can force it to start syncing again by adding a new item to the folder, but I’ve checked through sub-folders and some (but not all) have the red “arrows” icon rather than the blue tick. However, the Sync Monitor says the sync is complete. So, in short, yes there is still a discrepancy. With odrive1 I’d have just right-clicked on the folders to re-start the sync, but I’m slightly at a loss as to what to do next…

Hi @fatangel01,
Thanks for the follow-up! I moved the discussion to its own thread to better track it.

When you take a look at an item with the active icon on it (the arrows icon), can you compare it to what you see in the cloud? I just want to verify that it is actually out of sync and not just being misreported.

If there is a file that is missing from the cloud in that folder, can you run the sync stat shell command on that parent folder path and on the file path and see what it reports?