iOS: A few requests


Here are a few features that would be great to have in the iOS client.

  • Integrate the login with 1Password.
    They have drop in code you can add to the app so that when asking the user for the credentials, there is a small 1Password icon in the field that they can click to switch over to 1Password, select their odrive entry, and it puts in the username/password automatically.
    Being a 1Password user, my odrive account password is 20 random characters so there is no way I’m going to remember it and be able to just type it into the app.

  • Lock or auto-logout security
    After a duration or if the app is quit, it should lock/logout and require authentication again. So far it appears that the app remembers the credentials and shows the files even if I force quit/kill the app.

  • Integrate TouchID/FaceID
    After the user has authenticated, offer the option of using TouchID/FaceID (if the device supports it) for future logins. This would be a big plus if you add the auto-logout/lock feature.

For a good example of the last 2 features, take a look at the 1Password app itself.


Nice feedback… thanks!