iOS: Opinions with the icons and Drive/Storage menus

  • In the Home screen, the icons for Drives and Storage should be swapped.
    IMHO the single hard drive icon would be a better representation of Storage (individual online storage accounts) and the 3 stacked hard drives icon for Drives (a collection of Storage units)

  • In Home > Storage, please set the icon to the storage provider’s proper icon (ie Google Drive, OneDrive, etc). It is already shown this way in the Home > Drives > {DRIVENAME} > Storage list

  • In Home > Storage > AnyStorageAccount, it shows a list titled Links. This list shows all of the other Storage accounts that are in a Drive with this Storage Account, which doesn’t make sense.
    For example, I have 4 Storage accounts and 2 Drives

    • StorageA=Personal Google Drive
    • StorageB=Personal Dropbox
    • StorageC=Work OneDrive
    • StorageD=Work Box
    • PersonalDrive contains Storage A and B
    • WorkDrive contains Storage C and D

    However, from the Personal Drive I would like access to my work OneDrive so I add StorageC to the Personal Drive. Now if I go to Home > Storage > StorageC, the Links list shows 5 accounts (3 under Personal and 2 under Work).

    I think this list should show a list of Drives that this Storage account is in. So using the StorageC example again, the Links list (probably renamed to something like “Contained within Drives…”) would just be Personal and Work.
    Hope that makes sense.

  • At the bottom of the Home > Storage > AnyStorageAccount screen is a button to Delete Storage. This button is active but if you click on it, a dialog appears saying “Drives must be removed before removing storage”. I see 2 issues with this.

    1. If this Storage account is in any Drives, it can’t be removed therefore the button should not be clickable
      1b. Unless you add the ability (with user confirmation of course) to remove this Storage account from all associated Drives then it can remove the Storage account
    2. “Delete Storage” is a scary term. If I click on it will it actually delete all the files in my Storage? :worried:
      Perhaps it should be changed to “Remove Storage Account from odrive”
      2b. Or perhaps not remove completely from odrive but instead only remove the storage account from all Drives?
  • At the top of Home > Drives > AnyDriveEntry screen is a Cancel button that takes you back to the Drives screen. That should be changed to “< Drives” as Cancel implies that any changes you made here will not be saved.

  • At the bottom of Home > Drives > AnyDriveEntry is the button to Delete Drive. Clicking on this button immediately removes the drive configuration. I think it should ask for confirmation from the user first.

  • Same with the Delete Storage button, the Delete Drive button should be changed to “Remove Drive configuration from odrive”

So, how much more (and nit-picky) feedback do you want? :slight_smile:


Hi @smudge,
We welcome your feedback, so thanks for this! You have good suggestions/points here and I have asked the product team to go through it.