Logged in on Mac through Amazon, can’t with iPhone

The account I’m using to post this, is my ghost account that I want to get rid of.

When I subscribed to a premium account, I had chosen “login through Amazon”. My amazon login is my full gmail address.

I installed the app on my iPhone. It doesn’t have the same screen giving you the option to login from a dozen different sources. It merely asks for odrive id and password. I enter my gmail email without the @gmail.com part.

It creates a new free account with a 7 day trial (the account I am using to ask this question).

The odrive ID of this account is rodzimguitar68 and the email is my google email address.

My real account which I can see from my Mac, when I click manage my storage, has the same ID and email address.

However, since I am not logged in through Amazon on my iPhone, I cannot see my paid subscription and all my cloud accounts in my odrive account.

How can I reach my true account through the phone app???

Hi @rodzimguitar68,
Apologies for the confusion. odrive2 requires a separate login. Take a look at this post for details: