Looking for guidance on which product/features to use

I have been an oDrive 1 user for a few years now using it to backup my photography to Amazon Drive. I am currently only using the free version as all I really need it to do is backup the RAW photo files to Amazon Drive and whenever any updates are made from Lightroom.

I normally do my editing on my computer (Windows) but recently bought a Surface Pro to be able to edit on the go and so I set oDrive up on that as well. I can access my files in the cloud via the sync function but I’m currently struggling to be able to transfer the Lightroom catalog information well. The problem is that Lightroom creates a previews folder in the same directory as the catalog and these previews take up a large amount of space, change frequently, and I really don’t need them to be backed up since they are only temporary, but you can’t move the folder location or else Lightroom won’t work.

So what I noticed is that the premium version of oDrive 1 lets you add custom blacklists to directories/file types which I think would work perfectly for this. It would also add the unsync feature which I can use to clear off space from the Surface Pro since it only has a 256gb hard drive. But then I started reading about oDrive 2 and I was confused about which features I would need to purchase to get a comparable set of features. I think all I would need are sync, unsync, and custom blacklists. Does this sound right? Based on what I’ve read it sounds like this would be MORE expensive with oDrive 2 than paying the $8.35/month for oDrive 1 premium.

Hi @kozi22,
Good question!

odrive2 beta doesn’t offer custom blacklists, like odrive1, so I think your best bet is to go the odrive1 route. As you stated above, this will give you the features you are looking for. We offer a no questions asked, immediate refund if you cancel your odrive1 Premium subscription within 30 days, so you can always give it a shot and see if it checks all of the boxes.

Additionally, when you purchase odrive1 you can actually get corresponding credit on the odrive2 beta platform. You probably won’t need the desktop client, but this means you can use the credit with the mobile apps, for example. More information on that here: https://new.odrive.com/premium-offer/index.html