macOS desktop client

Where is macOS client, hope you can release beta or something soon!?

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When do you think the mac os client will be released?

I’m in to be a beta tester if you like.


The MacOS desktop client release has been delayed. We will definitely announce once we have something to beta, but it looks like it could still be a few months away.

Just in case there are new folks that are not aware, we also have an odrive1 Mac desktop client that may satisfy your use case until the odrive2 Mac client is ready:

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I signed up for the Odrive2 subscription using the credits however I did not realize that there was not an Odrive2 for Mac yet so does that mean I really don’t have Odrive2 as of yet? When do you expect the Mac version to be released?

Are there any visuals as to how it will all “look” it would be good to familiarize myself with the platform before it arrives so we can see if it will be beneficial.

Hi @foster,
The Mac desktop client is still a few months away.

The look of it will be similar to the Windows desktop client, but more MacOS-y. Take a look at this post for info, screenshots, and videos of the Windows desktop client:

Also keep in mind that we have an odrive2 web client, Android client, and iOS client, which you may find useful.

hi @Tony, until macOS client for odrive2 is ready the idea of odrive2 is not usable for me. I will patiently wait for this while renewing the subscription for odrive1 in November - unless you provide the client until then


Is there an update on when the MacOS client will be out?

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Still anxiously awaiting any beta for this on MacOS. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and I do provide feedback when I beta test stuff! :slight_smile:

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It’s been a few months since you said it was a few months away. :slight_smile:

I’m now premium, so chop-chop guys, lots of other options out there kind of suck.

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Hi @sporkmanodrive,
Unfortunately I don’t have any new information to report. Are you currently using the odrive1 MacOS client?

I’m using odrive1…

But I’m probably asking it to do more than it can. I keep work projects in the cloud, and then archive them there when I’m done. Lots of wordpress, so easily many thousands of files per project, and I tend to keep some client backups in there as well. I recall in some odrive1 help topics there was talk that at some point we can just end up with more files than odrive can keep track of. I’m hoping odrive2 is more clever about that (like copying other clients and using kernel hooks to check for file mods).

And with B2’s pricing, I’m looking to throw even more stuff in the cloud.

And for collaboration and such, being able to tie in 6 or 7 other various cloud providers in one place is very handy. I really want a client that rolls everything together and performs well…

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Hi @sporkmanodrive,
Thanks for the follow-up!

I think any client will end up in a situation where there data that needs to be tracked creates enough overhead that it impacts the user experience in a significant way.

odrive2’s approach can lend itself to driving a more “targeted” setup for data sync and it has the Explorer app to provide an interface for accessing remote data without needing to sync. I think this will naturally create configurations that lessen the scope of data that is synced on the local system. But, even in odrive2, if you want to have the client track/sync millions of objects it can also end up in a situation where the overhead of all of that tracking becomes impactful.

odrive1 actually uses filesystem events (when supported by the OS) as notifications of local changes. This is how it is able to react to local changes quickly and start those uploads. It also does a “just in case” background local scan, periodically. These scans are usually completed fairly quickly, even with lots of local objects, unless “local” is actually on a networked drive, or a slower external drive.

General overhead is ultimately a case of total objects, but the impact is more the remote tracking vs the local tracking. For example, a traditional backup client would have much less overhead since it really only needs to track the local changes and push those up.

Since odrive1 is syncing, it is worrying about both sides, and that requires a lot more work. The best way to ensure snappy behavior is to collapse structures (unsync folders) that are not needed on the local side. Since you mentioned that you archive a lot of things, unsyncing those areas is the best bet for improving performance.

We also recently tweaked some of the odrive1 scanning internals to try to reduce the amount of work it is doing, which eases some of the overhead pressure for large-scale data.

If you are collapsing local areas with odrive1 and still encountering issues with your data, can you direct message me on the odrive1 forum and we can see if there is anything else we can do improve the experience?

I too have been waiting for the better part of a year for the odrive2 client on Mac :(. General question, since I was credited for a year of odrive2 based on my odrive 1 payment, what’s going to happen when that years up? I’m really not using odrive2 at all until there is a Mac option.

Hi @toupeiro,
The odrive1 credit ends up covering a lot more than a year’s worth of the $1.99 odrive2 monthly charge, so you don’t have to worry about it running out anytime soon.

You can take a look at the credit details by clicking on “Manage Billing” at this link:

Any news regarding the ETA?

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Renewal time for me is coming up soon. I’ve waited pretty patiently for something, anything, resembling a client for odrive2. In preparation for disappointment, I’ve moved most of my work to B2, but I still love the concept behind what Odrive brings. Can we expect any sort of a non-vapor Mac client before 2020?

Hi @toupeiro,
We appreciate your patience and interest in this. The Mac client is still on hold and I don’t have a timeline for it.

I know you are an odrive1 user and because of your patience, your history as a loyal odrive1 user, and the fact that we have not been able to deliver on the odrive2 Mac client, I would like to offer you (and other odrive1 users that are in your situation) a discount on your odrive1 subscription. Just direct message me about this, if you are interested.