Map Odrive as network drive


I would like to map Odrive as a network drive in Windows 10. I preferably do not want to use the sync application. Is there any documentation on how to get this done? My initial attempt have failed. It was one of the features I liked from StorageMadeEasy.


Hi @perazen73,
We don’t support mapping odrive as a network drive, at this time.

The odrive Explorer UI serves a similar purpose in that it allows you to view and interact with your files in an on-demand basis, preview thumbnails, copy in and out, etc…, much like a network drive would. Can you share why you don’t want to use it?

Alternatively, we have a paid feature that provides sync functionality by creating sync relationships with local folders, where you can interact with them via the standard Windows Explorer for a true sync experience.


Thanks Tony for clarifying.

I am trying to free up my laptop harddrive from the different cloud storage applications synchronising in the background while also reducing the memory they consume for local files.

I am just hesitant to replace these cloud services with yet another another app from odrive that I am unfamiliar with. That is why I prefer to map to an external location rather than installing something.

I am now considering to go for a NAS solution with some cloud backup for parts of the data.


Hi @perazen73,
Thanks for the reply.

I would suggest you check out the app and see if it is something that could be useful for you (along with the mobile and web clients). You can always uninstall if its not a good fit.

Which ever way you end up going, I hope you are able to find a solution that fits your needs.