ODrive 2 feature comparison?


Hi: Is there a clear description anywhere of what the feature difference are (or are intended to be) between OD1 & OD2? Thanks


Hi @ahindle,
odrive1 and odrive2 both deal with access and management of storage, but do it in different ways. odrive2 is still in beta, where as odrive1 has been released for quite some time and is very mature.

There is a post here that goes over the features of odrive1 in detail, including what is part of the free version and what you get when you upgrade to Premium: https://forum.odrive.com/t/what-is-free-vs-paid-premium/961/4

For an overview of odrive2’s interface and the current features available, you can take a look at this post here: Odrive2 Windows client is now available!

The intent of odrive2 is to achieve close to feature parity with odrive1, in terms of basic functionality, but that functionality will manifest in different ways.

Some highlights and differences:

  • odrive2 has a concept of “Drives”, which allows a good deal of flexibility in how you can combine your storage together in specific contexts. You can pick and choose specific folders from your various storage accounts, no matter where they reside, and have them all available within a “Drive”. Drives also enhance the ability to share your storage out to others in very specific, controlled ways.
  • odrive2 has a much larger UI component with the odrive2 Explorer, which is meant to provide a very easy way of viewing and interacting with your storage, in an on-demand fashion. Simple drag-and-drop actions can be used to perform a variety of tasks on your storage.
  • odrive2 supports a sync experience similar to odrive1’s “sync to odrive”, but odrive2 does not use placeholders to represent unsynced files. Instead unsynced files are removed from view, entirely (but still visible via the odrive2 Explorer).
  • odrive2 has a backup feature (odrive1 does not)
  • odrive2 has mobile clients for iOS and Android
  • odrive2 does not yet support Encryption, like odrive1.
  • odrive2 does not yet have clients for Mac or Linux, like odrive1
  • odrive2 supports less storage integrations than odrive1 (but is does have the most popular ones).

It is also important to note that odrive1 and odrive2 can be used together. You can use odrive2’s mobile and web clients and still use odrive1 for your desktop needs, for example.


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