Odrive vs odrive2?


So let me get this straight

Od2 now makes you pay for what was already free in Od1?
Then it hides other features behind another paywall only accessible to members?

Is that correct?

Odrive is a cool idea, but you’ve essentially abandoned od1 for od2. And you’re essentially charging for an incomplete product.

Is there going to be an actual price break or are you just cutting up features more creating the illusion of a drop?

Od1 was too expensive for what it was, is this what will happen with od2?


Hi @mendr,

The 2 versions have different approaches, so they cannot really be compared, apples to apples. For example, the odrive2 desktop client (which is currently in private beta) allows you to uncache locally cached files without an odrive membership.

Our ultimate goal is to reach feature parity, or close to feature parity with odrive1 while still offering unique options and features in odrive2. They are both odrive, and will definitely have overlap in their capabilities, but there will be some significant differences in focus and solutions.

odrive2 will allow more customization in the advanced features you want to use, so instead of having to pay for all features, like in odrive1, you can opt to select what you want.

We have not abandoned odrive1.

This is subjective, so I can’t really say what you will see as too expensive. We think odrive is priced correctly for what it offers, and odrive1 subscribers get equivalent credit on odrive2, which seems like a great deal, imho.


hi @Tony

for 100$/y I have:

  • 5x 1TB of storage on MS
  • 5x MS Office licenses

do you think that for files manipulation it is worth to pay the same amount without really any value added? odrive services is “only”: file/folder/storage manager - without real hardware investment (I suppose).
So such service should be a fraction of the cloud storage.
It is like buying a car for 10 000 USD and paying 12 000 USD for yearly maintenance, right? :wink:


Hi @homonto,

Ahh, but only with odrive can you access all of that data in one place and take advantage of all 5TB. Otherwise its 5 different accounts that have to be accessed separately, which, besides being extremely difficult to make any actual use of, really sucks. :wink: Besides, chances are that is not the only storage you need to manage.

Storage is everywhere now, and more and more of your data is going into the cloud every day. odrive’s goal is not only to give you control over all of that, but to greatly enhance what you can do with that storage, now that you have that control.

It won’t be long before almost all of your data is scattered all over the place and storage management and control will be of critical importance. I would say we are already at that stage… at least, I know I am.

Also keep in mind that the $99/year on odrive1 now stretches to odrive2, giving you double the fun :slight_smile:


everything @Tony what you said is true, that is why I “need” odrive :wink:
fully functional and reasonably priced
and then I am willing to chose what I want to pay and subscribe to this - with today’s odrive1 I “have been forced” to pay for all if I use all or not - and I paid
so making it more modular would be also an advantage for users and you
as for me, 100$/y for FULL PACKAGE is a max I can do (and less if I chose to use some modules only) - I saw in many posts that folks are even saying that 100$/y is far too expensive - so it is always a balance between many clients paying less (in average) or less clients paying more

anyway, lets us see how the development goes on - seeing forum for odrive1 many topics started in 2016, with answers “we are working on it” and we are in 2018 but still some features are not implemented/corrected. I am sure you are fully aware that people might have some reservation to wait for 2 years or more to get services - valid for both paid and free ones

my heart his with you guys (@Tony @jeff and others from the team) - if you guys deliver what you promise and if you listen to your customers you will have hell of the success :wink:


Having Od1 n od2 accounts is breakage cuz you either had to start over due to bad code or you weren’t able to monetise Od1.

This is redundant when od2 catches up, not a selling point.

If anything… it’s the opposite because files will be scattered between Od1 n od2.

The very thing odrive is supposed to fix.


You can save credentials for one click sign-in.

Are you really justifying odrives price because it’s irritating to log in?

Having everything in one spot is cool… but not at a price similar to cloud services. This is an add-on to a service that actually uses hardware.
Odrive only manages.

And now we are stepping backwards with a new pricing model for od2. Paying for features that were free before. This is the real reason for the od2 designation… you have accounts tied to Od1 and changing your model by taking away free features would upset a lot of people this far in.

So now we have od2.

Instead of reducing price you’ve reduced value.

You’re essentially treating everyone like a whale.


That doesn’t help you have a “5Tb Folder” on your hard drive you can use - ODrive does this for you by linking all the accounts at once. Also, just want to mention that technically using all 5 licenses for yourself is against the MS TOS, they’re for “other family members” only. The supported way to increase your OneDrive space is to go onto a OneDrive for Business plan at $50/mth, which gives you “unlimited space” (practically limited to 25Tb before you need to use Sharepoint sites), for yourself and up to four friends/family/anyone - same price as GDrive Business.

I couldn’t disagree more. Moving to a more a-la-carte menu of features, each with their own fees, is being consumer-focused. Costs can be adjusted based on demand, age of features, etc. When you have a “Single Upgrade Freemium” model like ODrive1, there’s very little room to move.


So you’re telling me they couldn’t have a fremium model and a la cart upgrades? Gimme a break.

They are clearly backtracking because their current pricing is not generating enough revenue.

How about just lower the overall price for more penetration?

Now we get less for more.

Quite selective quote… I went on to say pooled drives are cool, just not at this price point.

I have Google suit which is $10 unlimited space. Maybe you should change from OneDrive.


I disagree that the price is wrong - it’s possibly not in line with your use case, or your budget, but I don’t see it as wildly out of the ballpark. Consider that it’s the same price as Multcloud, with more (albeit a different subset of) features.

Unlimited space is only available with 5+ users in either scenario, hence the $50 minimum. Additionally, GSuite requires a license for all users in your directory - in my use case, this is not desirable (not all user accounts will even use storage) and a Microsoft solution is more fitting, where licenses can be (re)assigned to accounts as required. That said, this is getting off-topic for this post.

I can’t comment on what they’re doing or why they’re doing it, only speculation. Hopefully someone will chime in officially here with more information about the how and why. You’re also comparing a service still in development with a full-featured solution, these are not inherently comparable. I do agree that it would be very easy for development to go in the “wrong direction” (subjectively), however it is equally likely that it will become the perfect offering.


Can you guys please just post full pricing for the “add-ons”? It’s not anywhere on the public site.


“Not true, I have 1 account with unlimited space for $10. Many others do as well.”

You really should stop broadcasting that because you are not suppose to use only one license for unlimited storage and should google decide to crack down on that use case well you just ruined something.


I agree with mendr that Odrive1’s all or nothing pricing at $99/yr really is tough pill to swallow. Cheaper annual plans with a reduce feature set would attract more users to pull the trigger on odrive. Also monthly plan options where you do not have to spend the lump sum on an annual sub would also be a nice addition.


Didn’t realize it was not public info…


So long as the Mac and Windows desktop apps remain with at least their current functionality I am satisfied. It would lovely if you could unify them eventually so it all can just merge into oDrive2 and I could just switch to that eventually.

Solid Linux client to improve on the current one would be great. I’ve been meaning to setup oDrive up on my workstation. The setup is just a bit time consuming.


Thanks for the input @cyotee.

We would like to get odrive2 very close to feature parity with odrive1. There will be some differences that coincide with the differences in approach and focus, but all of the core features are already under development.


I don’t suppose there’s an item on the roadmap to make the roadmap semi-public?


Hey @yukihyou,
This is the current high-level roadmap, albeit with no firm dates yet.

The stuff is coming, though. :wink:


Thanks for the roadmap @Tony

Once you reach feature parity between odrive1 and odrive2, will you continue to maintain odrive1 or do you plan on dropping it?

At the core of my experience with odrive, which has really changed the way I work on a daily basis, has been the ability to have multiple cloud drives of the same service (GDrive, Box, OneDrive, etc.) all sync via one app. It would be otherwise impossible to seamlessly work on files in Explorer/Finder and have them sync for the different accounts I might access on any given day.

I guess what I really want to know is if it’s part of the long term plan to maintain this functionality as the free part of either product?


Hi @dandoze,
We have no plans to drop odrive1. Its a product we are still very proud of and want to make sure it continues to work well for our users.