Odrive Windows Desktop Client sync across two systems not consistent

Hi Tony,
I’m using oDrive2beta current release on two Windows 10 computers. No problems with installation or badging. Each client computer had a successful sync of the same odrive folder. The issue I’m having may be due to expectations based upon my experience with the original version 1 of oDrive. The problems I see are when making changes on each client’s copy of the folder. By adding and deleting sub folder and files, the two clients do not keep in sync and I don’t see a way to bring the folders back to sync unless I remove the syncing folders and do a new sync to get both clients to match each other and the odrive cloud storage. Am I missing something or is the syncing not yet completed in the most current release?

Hi @sgb-enterprises,
My apologies for the confusion and inconsistent behavior. I believe you are seeing this because of the trash function that is working under the covers, but isn’t exposed in the UI, yet. Those local deletes are being held there, which is why you don’t see them reflected on the other system.

For now you can delete those items from the odrive file browser part of the app, to clear things up. We’ll be exposing this soon.