oDrive2 sync files back to computer


I have simple issue where is probably really simple solution and after this I am going to feel stupid. :wink:

So I have multiple folders synced to cloud storage Backblaze B2.

Let’s say sync point is

Now I noticed that for some unknown reason I am missing files from local computer on subfolders of that sync folder.

Now those file.rpp are missing from local computer, but I checked B2 and there those are… as they should.

So now I want sync those back from cloud to local computer.
Ideally I would like to make sure that every missing file is pulled back to local computer from cloud on folder.

For some reason I did not quickly found way to do this with oDrive2… with oDrive1 this was simple task.

To be clear I am using Windows oDrive2 client.

I did manual restore of project file and it indicated that there is 65 other files missing in one project folder.
(I have tens of projects so hundreds or thousands of files are now missing)

So I need to find the way that oDrive2 fetches all missing files from could… in other words sync those back.

Hi @jlahtela,
Are you able to see these files listed when using the desktop client UI or when viewing from the Web client (new.odrive.com)?

Were these files that you had previously chosen to unsync?

Hi @Tony,

I cannot see files either in desktop client or in web client.
Also files are removed from my local computer.
But I can see those in Backblaze B2 storage via their web interface.

Also I am 100% sure that those have not been deleted by me as some files still exist and other do not.
It seems quite randomly what files are missing… no time related, some old exist and some new are missing.
Also various file types are missing, wav and rpp at least.

Also these buckets in B2 have been only used by oDrive, in fact this was first time I “manually” opened that bucket on Backblaze.
Also I am only user of computer and B2.

Also checked virus control and did not see any infection / deleting actions.

Little update here… I downloaded one “project” from B2.
My local disk was missing ~120 files, but when I copied data from B2 everything was again in place.

oDrive do not know that these files exist even those are uploaded by oDrive to B2.

I am in serious doubts that oDrive has gone mad and also deleted files. I cannot prove that, but it is only program what handles those folders.

Hi @jlahtela,
Yes this is definitely strange behavior. I am looking into it. Since they are not listed in the web client either it indicates that our call to B2 to ask for the file listings is somehow missing these items. I will double-check our implementation to make sure there isn’t a bug in there, somewhere.

Hi @jlahtela,
We don’t see any obvious issues.

Can you confirm if you now see the files when viewing from the odrive web client? If so, then we may have to wait until you see this issue again (if you do), so we can troubleshoot further.

Hi @Tony,

No I still do not see files in oDrive2 webclient.

I have done investigation of this myself.
Backblace file listing shows these files. I checked this both from their web UI and rclone.
Rclone ls output:

Notice files rpp, rpp-UNDO and rpp-bak

Then when I look it from oDrive2 web interface there is no those files.

I filtered with “rpp” but that should find those files.

If I copy file with rclone from B2 it works:

Hi @jlahtela,
I am not able to reproduce this with my own B2 data.

Would you be able to create a Space from a folder that is showing this issue (the one you have above in your example would be great) so I can reproduce this and figure out why it is happening? Once the Space is created you can send the link to me via a direct message here (click on my name and select “Message”).

Sure I can do it for you @Tony.

But please remember that those files contains intellectual property material what is not copyrighted to anyone else than creator.
So please store those files as short as possible on your local computer and after debugging you agree to delete all material, leave share / space and not to share or distribute it to any 3rd party.

If you access to this share you agree these terms if you do not accept these please let me know and I will remove it.

Hi @jlahtela,
I wouldn’t have it any other way :slight_smile: I most likely won’t even download the data. I just want to figure out why it is not being listed.

Would not tought otherwise… just needed to say it you know. :wink:

For your information that I have ticket open with Backblaze because some of files (and snapshots) are giving me “unexpected EOF” when I try to download those.
But as you could see on example file this is not the case.

Just thinking if this is somehow related to this case… maybe files are somehow corrupted on upload / sync?

Hi @jlahtela,
Your listings should be fixed now. Can you confirm?

If so you can delete that space. I didn’t download anything :grinning:

Yeah it seems to work now! Good job!

Any idea could this issue have been caused that files are deleted form my local computer?

Hi @jlahtela,
It could’ve. Since the listing was not returning all files, if odrive saw that the file was missing from the current listing, it would think it was deleted remotely.

Ok good to know root cause what was causing missing files.

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