Odrive2 Windows client is now available!


You can now check out the public beta of our odrive2 Windows desktop client!

Grab the installer here:
odrive2-installer-beta-472.exe (906.4 KB)

The desktop client gives a you a simple-to-use interface for access, management, and sharing of all of your storage. Combine and share any folders and gain total control over your storage with simple drag-and-drop actions.

The desktop client also serves as the control point for advanced features, such as:

  • Copy - Copy to, from, and between any storage (Available now!)
  • Backup - Backup any local folder to any location in your remote storage (Available now!)
  • Sync - Create instant, bi-directional sync relationships between your local and remote storage (Available now!)
  • Backdown - Traditional backup, but in reverse. Backup your cloud storage to a local folder (Coming soon)
  • Encryption - Zero-knowledge encryption to guarantee privacy and security of your data (Coming soon)

Release Highlights

Create your own “Drives” and combine any folders from any storage into single view:

Create a new drive with a simple right-click action


Add folders from any storage to create unique views of your data

Create Drives for sharing with others



Specify what permissions users of your Drives have

Navigate all of your storage and view thumbnails for your media without having to download any files


Download any items you wish to store locally and then remove them from your local cache when you are ready to free up some space

A simple drag and drop interface allows you to specify what you want to do with your data.

Drag into odrive to copy, sync, or backup

Drag out of odrive to copy, sync, or backdown

Get detailed status for every action



Sync Explorer integration with status badging


Enable badging in the odrive settings menu

Sync in action

Unsync items in your sync folder to remove them from view and prevent them from being synced down


View sync folder stats, uncluding number of unsynced items, from the sync monitor

Clicking on the Unsynced listing will open up the Sync Notifications dialog

The Sync Notifications dialog allows you to manage and remove sync exclusions (unsynced items)

Windows Desktop Release 2018-09-20
macOS desktop client
Odrive badges and context menus
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Workflow Guidance

Important notes for odrive1 users

  • Because of its extensive changes, the odrive2 platform has its own accounts. You will need to create an account for odrive2 even if you already have one for odrive1. You can then link your storage to your odrive2 account and access the same storage on both platforms.

  • odrive1 Premium subscribers can get corresponding credit on odrive2 (and still maintain their subscription and benefits on odrive1). Once signed-up, go to this page to read more about this offer and claim your odrive2 credit: https://new.odrive.com/premium-offer/index.html


so no native explorer integration anymore ?


Hi @netdriver,
That will come with sync.


Hi !

Thanks a lot for working on this new release of Odrive !

I would like to give some advice that could be helpfull on this device: so could you please say me where the post about improving ideas for Odrive2 is?


Hi @bk1664,
There is a feature requests category where you can create posts with suggestions for desired enhancements and features: https://community.odrive.com/c/feature-requests


Waiting for the mac version here! :slight_smile: hope it can be done in the near future!



We’ve released an update to the client and changed the link above accordingly. This release fixes a number of bugs and enhances user feedback in a several areas.


I noticed that it appears Sync has been enabled in the new client? I purchased credit, tried to sync, and I get a “cannot connect to oDrive sync daemon” error, or similar.

Has sync been enabled or have I jumped the gun?


Actually, using the “sync watch” in the shell I can see sync is working fine. However the GUI for the daemon fails to load, and I can’t install the Sync badges.

Amazed at how blistering fast the sync download is.

You guys are doing an amazing job of bringing this to feature parity quickly. Purchased the $100 bonus credit to give you guys some support :slight_smile:


Thanks @zeusontwowheels!

We’re in the initial stages of sync release, which is why we haven’t officially announced it yet. We figured some savvy users would stumble upon it and give it a shot, though :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the link above with a new version that I’m hoping will address the issues you were seeing with the UI.

Your support is greatly appreciated!


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We’ve released another update which includes fixes for feedback, sync tracking, error handling, and status/monitoring improvements.

The post at the top has the updated link.


Hi! Any ETA for the mac application ?


Hi @surya,
The Mac desktop app is still in progress, but has been delayed. We’ll definitely announce when we have something available!


We’ve released an update (v 339) that includes a fix for sync when making rapid, successive changes in the same folder. The link in the first post has been updated.

We have also added a couple of videos at the bottom of that post by one of our lead Developers (@strider) that goes over the new sync functionality and the corresponding Explorer integration.


Hi - I have a question before I install the client.
What happens to files that we’ve unsynced in odrive1? Should we resync the files on our local machine before installing the odrive2 client? Or will the new client recognize files that were unsynced with the old client?


Hi @oscar_dang,
odrive1 and odrive2 are separate clients and don’t interact with other. odrive2 will see the storage you have linked and you can interact with it however you wish via the odrive2 client.

The default behavior of the odrive2 client will allow you to see all of the storage without having to download it, similar to odrive1’s default behavior.


Just finished resetting a client environment today where they are making extensive use of both Dropbox Smart Sync and OneDrive Files on Demand. Both of these technologies involve using a filesystem driver and reparse points to allow browsing of your entire cloud storage from any app, and data being pulled down on demand.

I currently use something similar within ODrive1, where immediately after install, I will right-click in the root folder, Sync, Download: Nothing, Include Subfolders: Yes, Save and apply to new folders: Yes. This brings down the entire folder tree and allows access to that structure from any app to, for example, browse to the folder you want to store a config or logs in, without taking up any disk space.

The ODrive 1 solution is still limited, since the files themselves can’t be opened in another application without first manually browsing to the folder in Explorer and double-clicking, or using right-click Sync. The functionality of OneDrive/Dropbox adds an immense level of convenience to cloud storage.

Are there any plans to support either agent-style sync relationships (such as I currently use above), or an on-demand reparse point style interface that doesn’t involve replacing Windows Explorer with a custom interface?