Odrive2 Windows client is now available!


A virtual filesystem interface to all to cloud storage is something we want to support. It’s something we’ve done in the past. However, we don’t have any firm plans to build this anytime soon.


To confirm, any files that are unsynced in my folders that have been synced in drive will also appear as CloudF files that I can resync? Is the cloudf format still used by odrive2?


One of my main use cases for odrive1 was the Unsync function - The ability to have files synced to cloud in explorer but to be able to remove them from my computer. Is that functionality still supported? I can’t find it with the new client - When I sync my documents, they seem to be downloading back down to a local copy (which is taking up too much storage). Am I doing something wrong?


Hi @oscar_dang,
Unsync functionality for sync folders odrive2 should be coming in the next release (so pretty soon). Once this drops I will add a section giving some explanation on it.

It does behave differently than odrive1 in that placeholder files are no longer used. Instead, you use the odrive2 UI to manage what you want synced/unsynced within the drag-and-drop sync folders you setup.

I apologize if my previous post was unclear on this. The current odrive2 application functionality (using the app UI as opposed to Windows Explorer) provides the ability to browse all of your content without downloading anything. Once you move beyond this basic functionality and setup a sync folder for direct Explorer integration, all of the content in the selected remote folder will be synced locally. The forthcoming unsync capability will then allow you to customize that sync folder to determine what specific areas you do not want to sync locally.


I don’t understand, I already can sync files in the windows explorer? Like the must of the clound syncs? Or it isnt ready?


Hi @egomezr,
odrive2 has sync available for Windows, now. There are a couple of videos at the end of the first post that go through the sync process.


Awesome, can’t wait for the Mac version to test it out.


We’ve released an update (v 357) that includes:

  • Usync - The ability to exclude files from your sync folder. Information about unsync has been added to the top post
  • Ability to open a file in odrive explorer, edit it, save it, and see it upload back to the cloud automatically.
  • Various bug fixes.


Getting me all excited with the update @Tony, and then the link up the top still has 339 :stuck_out_tongue:

Any word on Team Drives integration yet?


Whoops! Thanks for the heads-up @zeusontwowheels. Link above is fixed now. We also rolled out to the auto-updater.

Teams Drives core code is mostly done, but there are some questions on how to properly present it in odrive2. It may actually make an appearance in odrive1 first, but they should both have it “relatively” soon.


Thanks @tony! Appreciate the update on teams too.

Curious - is there an auto-updater for oDrive 2? I can’t find any mention of it in the explorer or settings …


Hi @zeusontwowheels,
The autoupdate just “happens” right now. It’s quick, so you may not notice it. There isn’t a way to interact with it or control it in the client, currently.


Another update today (v358).

This one has several fixes for the new in-app initiated file edits.

This update has been pushed to autoupdater and the link above has been updated.


I think I’m missing something. I set a folder to sync and it seemed to be syncing fine but I deleted some files on the windows folder and the delete didn’t happen on the google drive side. I was looking for a sync deletes a la oDrive 1 but I don’t see one. How are the deletes supposed to work on sync on oDrive 2?

The video links at the beginning of this post are dead. Just FYI.


Hi @bulls23ant,
Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience here. There is a trash function in the client that isn’t fully exposed yet, but coming soon. For now you can delete them from the odrive file browser part of the app.

Thanks for the heads-up on the videos. The links seem to be temporary so I need to adjust that.


Hello. Im new here and I wanted to give some feedback. Im using the beta and in a moment I’ll become a member. I just wanted to say that I love odrive. I have 3 google drive accounts and all the accounts have my name (all the names look the same) I tried renaming but didnt work for GDrive.(for DBox it worked :open_mouth: ). Please fix. Also please create tooltips with the path or email account pertaining to each account from each drive. On the other hand the new explorer seems good but maybe unnecessary.

There is a software I like named cryptomator, it seems to create a network drive when I unlock my vault. If you could implement a new network drive for odrive just like that, it would be awesome. I believe that everyone knows about C: and D: drives and having an E: for the cloud would be no issue .Inside that network you could show exactly what you have in the odrive2 explorer. Also remember that windows already allows to right click items and _SEND_TO. It could sent to the cloud anything users want. I’m looking forward for the upcoming patches. Let me know if my settings will stay after the app moves out of beta.


Hi @cosorio1994,
Thanks for the feedback and welcome to odrive!

For renaming the Google Drive link, can you tell me where you are trying to rename it? I tested renaming within the drive and in the storage settings (Under Personal Settings->Storage) and they both seem to work.


We’ve released another update:


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Another update has been released today: