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The unsync is probably the most important feature of odrive to me. The new system without placeholders is a big let down to me. The fact that I do not see placeholder files in folders I want partially synced makes it very hard to later sync additional items back; for one I might not remember what’s in there. Support for subfolders is also lacking, right now if I unsync a subfolder it shows up as a single item and I cannot go and selectively sync some of the items.


Hi @zmk,
Thanks for the feedback.

odrive2 definitely takes a different approach than odrive1 in an effort to simplify the management and interaction of sync.

The odrive2 Explorer is meant to provide the “browse everything” “interact with anything” functionality, where you can navigate through all of your storage and interact with any file, no matter where it is. It takes the place of odrive1’s placeholders, in many ways. A lot of users find this easier for one-off and day-to-day use.

odrive2’s sync can then be used to establish advanced syncing of specific folders that you want to always be in-sync and available locally.

It may take some getting used to, especially if you are an odrive1 user. If you ultimately find that odrive2’s approach is just not for you, we still fully support and maintain odrive1.


o2 Explorer does not indicate which files are being synced and what is their sync status (synced/syncing/unsynced) and as such is useless for this workflow. Downloading to local cache is also not very practical since it’s being stored in random folders in AppData/Local and as such I cannot point to those files from outside.

The thing is that I do not think you will be supporting odrive1 in the future. A sign of that is that you have implemented Backblaze’s write API in odrive2 but not in odrive1.


I guess what I am saying is that it is fine if there are no placeholders, but then Explorer should better integrate with the Sync. Also the default of syncing all the files is a problem, the previous solution where I could only sync files up to a certain size was better, e.g., I want to sync script files but I don’t want to sync pickles.


I think you should try odrive1. Odrive2 does not seam to be as flexible and convenient as odrive1.