Remove OAuth Storage Links?

I’m just setting this up and made a mistake, which could also be considered a UI/UX bug.

I added my primary Google Drive then clicked on the Add Google Drive Account button again to add a different account but I selected my primary Google account again. It now shows twice in the list. IMHO, this is the bug part. Once added to the list, the user shouldn’t be able to add it again.

So, how can I clean up the list and remove the duplicate entry? There isn’t a Trash or (-) icon next to the entry. The > link shows the drive contents.

I actually have this issue twice. I added the secondary account but it was configured with the wrong name. I didn’t know that I rename it after it was added to the odrive drive list so I changed the name in the Google profile then did the OAuth link again. So now I have the old name and new name in the list. Again, is it possible to clean the list?


and… nevermind. I just found the trash option.
If anyone else has this issue, click on Personal Settings in the lower left corner, select Storage, select the storage link you want to remove, then hover your mouse over the link title at the top of the page and just to the right will be the Edit (pencil) and Delete (trash) icons.

P.S. Another UI/UX feedback (you will get a lot as I do this at my job too), those icons should always be shown instead of fading out completely. They can still be lightened when not hovering so as to keep things clean. But (again, IMHO) I hate trying to find the option for something I know should be there but not able to find it because it is hidden unless I stumble across it.

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Hi @smudge,
Somehow I totally missed this thread. My apologies. There had been some recent discussion about this by the product team and I’ll make sure your feedback is accounted for there.