Subscription question


Will the premium subscription of oDrive 2 be remain $1.99/mo and can be paid monthly?

It will be a very nice price tire.


Hi @xian,
odrive2 has a different subscription model than odrive1.

odrive2’s base monthly membership subscription currently gives you the ability to upload, modify, and reorganize. odrive2 also has a “member store” that allows you to upgrade to additional, individual services, like sync, encryption, backup and backdown.

If you are a subscriber of odrive1’s Premium subscription, you can also get corresponding credit on odrive2, while maintaining all of the odrive1 features.

Odrive vs odrive2?

@Tony You failed to understand my question. I saw the current Odrive 2 Subscription is $1.99/mo. My intention is to know will it be same? Or it will be changed after beta?


Hi @xian,
I can’t guarantee that pricing will always remain the same, but our current intention is to leave pricing the same after beta.