Sync stopped responding

Hey team! Sync has been working fine up until today, running build 326 from my other thread on sync badging.

As of this morning the shell just reports all Sync drives sitting on (401), and will not upload or download no matter what changes in the oDrive explorer.

Has there been some change to the sync engine?

Hi @zeusontwowheels,
There haven’t been any changes that should cause a persistent 401 error.

Are you experiencing errors in the shell too, when listing folders?

What does ‘sync log’ show in the shell?

Hey @Tony

In shell sync log shows ‘no changes’.

Sync watch shows all drives at (401), which sync status shows as “Scan In Progress”. However, it will sit there all day without making any changes…

I’ll try re-installing odrive and see if that changes anything

So managed to get it working again.

First uninstall was just via the regular uninstall, which leaves a LOT of files on the system. I reinstalled oDrive 323 from the main thread, and the 401 error persisted.

I then used RevoUninstaller to scrub everything except my sync folder, and reinstalled the 323 again. I then setup sync again by dragging the folders from oDrive Explorer and it works normal.

So something happened on my machine on 2nd July around 9pm that caused the persistant 401 errors. I found the time by using ‘sync failed’ to see when it all began. Event Viewer doesn’t have anything strange so I have no clue …

Thanks @zeusontwowheels

I actually just posted an updated client to the Windows client release thread (v337), so you can give that a shot. Let me know if you hit this issue again.

I have also made a note of the additional cleanup needed in uninstall.

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I’ll install it now, thanks @Tony!

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339 is working extremely well. No issues with sync this morning, and the badges are working instantly instant of sequential load in explorer.

Keep up the great work!

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Great! Thanks for the update @zeusontwowheels! We’ll keep cranking away :slight_smile: