The sync badging could not be upgraded


Awesome, the daemon UI now works and I can see it all without going into shell.

However, the sync badging still has issues. I’m getting “The sync badging could not be upgraded” even after giving admin privilege.

Odrive2 Windows client is now available!

Hi @zeusontwowheels,
I moved this over to a new thread so we can track it properly. We are currently investigating this.


Copy that. Let me know if/how you want some logs to see what’s happening on my end.


Hi @zeusontwowheels,
Can you give this one a shot?
odrive2-installer-beta-326.exe (906.4 KB)


Installed this version, was able to install the sync badging. At first it didn’t show, so I force restarted Explorer. Badges showed on items, but not folders.

I restarted the PC to see how it went and now I get a perpetual error - “The odrived.exe process has unexpectedly shutdown”. This prompt is from oDrive, not Windows.

EDIT - yeah this build is unusable. I’m reverting back to the build in the main thread.


Actually, I have hit critical failure. I can’t revert back to 323. Something has gone awry here. Clean installing does not solve the problem …


Actually x2, I think this is not an oDrive problem. I think this is my VPN. Disabling ExpressVPN stops the odrived.exe from failing. Didn’t have this problem previously …

On a side note, the sync badges have been installed via settings, but they are still not showing up in Explorer

EDIT: And confirming it is definitely my VPN that was causing odrived.exe to crash. Any idea how to get around this?


Further to that, the clash is with the ExpressVPN windows client.

When I use the Microsoft inbuilt VPN manager with ExpressVPN settings, no issues. I guess I’ll just do that moving forward. Wasn’t the biggest fan of the VPN app anyway :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of the updates @zeusontwowheels.

We are discussing some things with regards to what you are seeing.

Which version are you running now?

With the VPN app enabled, you can try running odrived.exe on its own, using the %userprofile%\AppData\Local\odrive2beta\application folder as the working directory and running .\bin\odrived.exe. It may spit out an error that will tell us what’s happening there.

As for the overlays, try uninstalling and reinstalling from settings in the app and see if that makes a difference.


No error shows when I use the ExpressVPN app and run odrived.exe. Just get the “unexpected stopped, please restart oDrive Explorer”. I’m assuming there’s a routing problem going on there.

I have now uninstalled the ExpressVPN app and am using the inbuilt Windows VPN to stop all those issues.

I’m back on oDrive 326 now, uninstalled and reinstalled the sync badge service, and same as before. I have the badges on individual items, but not folders.


I also note that with 326 that oDrive no longer starts minimised on Windows boot.

On previous versions I didn’t have to shrink it to taskbar on boot. Has this changed?


It sounds like we’ve still go some things to work out, but I’m glad to hear it is back to working for you.

The lack of overlays on the folders is expected, currently.

The VPN issue is odd. We’ll need to discuss that more tomorrow with the team. I also need to check on the intended UI behavior on reboot…

Thanks for all of the feedback!