Transcoding system



I was wondering if you plan to integrate a transcoding system in the mobile app (Android for me) ?

It would be very nice then instead of downloading all a video for instance it would be possible to only stream it and with a lighter size.

I know that means server power but maybe it would be nice to let the user to implement with their own streaming/transcoding service?

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Hi @surya,
We don’t have any plans, but I agree that it would be a nice feature to have. Thanks for the suggestion!


@surya, I can’t speak for Tony and the odrive team but this is not likely to happen, at least for a long time as they have so much on their plate already.

Instead I would recommend you take a look at Plex as it already does what you ask. Install the Plex Server on your home computer with all your media (tv/movies/music/etc) and it streams out to all the Plex clients. On the local LAN it streams at original size/quality but when streaming to the internet to mobile devices, it transcodes the video for the appropriate bandwidth and device size. If your computer isn’t powerful enough to do the transcoding live, you can configure it to pre-transcode certain files when it isn’t busy (like the middle of the night).