Web Client User Experience


Finally finding time to try out odrive 2, I’m finding the web client pretty wasteful when it comes to space. Being on a 13" MBP, while viewing my storage I can only see 5 folders at a time.

I would suggest making the following changes:

  • Make the side bar on the left collapse down to icons.
  • Make the top half of the right side collapse into a toolbar. (Everything above the breadcrumbs.)

And depending on if you want the web client to be able to be a main client for people (or one to just use if they need a quick client w/o installing the desktop client):

  • Make the column’s width of the table adjustable via drag (you’ll probably want to switch from a table to a grid)
  • Add the ability to add / remove columns to free up space for the ones you actually care about.
  • Add the ability to show the time in the last modified timestamp and not just the date.

Also just as a general comment, having to double-click the folder / folder name to go inside it is pretty annoying. I’d instead have a single click on the folder / folder name go inside the folder and leave a single click on the circle for selecting it.


Oh also, I can’t send PM’s yet but if @Tony happens to see this:

I’d very much be interested in joining the beta test.

  1. What systems can you test on (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android)?

    • All of them.
  2. What are the primary use cases and desired solutions?

    • I use odrive for both personal and professional use cases. I use the encryption heavily as well as file sharing. Everything from syncing my calibre library of all my tech books to scripting files moving from my linux boxes to my mac for analysis.
  3. Are you a user of the current odrive product? If so, are you a Premium subscriber? (Note: Being a Premium subscriber is not a requirement for beta group membership).

    • Yes and yes.




Hi @naterik,
Thanks for the feedback! These are some good suggestions I have passed them on to the web and product teams for review.

Our intent is to have the native clients be the bread and butter of a user’s da-to-day, but we we want the web client to be as useful and accessible as possible and a viable option for standard use cases.