Web Release 2018-05-14


Hi folks,

We’ve put out a major web release with the following goodies…

New Features:

  • Embedded Share feature. When you go to share a drive, you can select the EMBED THIS DRIVE option to get a code snippet, allowing you to attach a mini version of our file web browser to your own websites! Learn more
  • Files browser sorting by columns ascending or descending order.

Other Improvements:

  • Reorganized left panel navigation (Files in upper-left, and Personal Settings down in lower-left with Drives and Storage submenu options).
  • Drive sharing link fixes.
  • Web app scaling to window size improvements.
  • Lots of other bug fixes

See the Embedded Share announcement post for additional information about how to use it. That post will also be the place you can post your feedback and suggestions for how we can make it work better for your use case.

Thanks for tuning in,