Windows Desktop Release 2018-08-21


We’ve released an update for the Windows Desktop client (381) that improves performance and and addresses a few bugs in sync-engine-driven operations (sync, backup, backdown).

This version has been pushed to the auto-updater.

Odrive2 Windows client is now available!

Hey @Tony,

How do I trigger the auto update on Windows? I tried quitting odrive and restarting my machine and it still says version 6358.

Any ideas?


Hi @travvt,
This update is for odrive2 and brings it to version 381. 6358 is the latest odrive1 version, although there may be a new release coming at the end of this week.


Gotcha! This is probably something obvious, but where can I download odrive 2? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!


No worries @travvt ! It is actually not that obvious.

The release is limited to the forum here since we are still in the beta phases. Take a look at this thread here:


Thanks for all of the info @Tony! Does odrive2 work the same on Windows 10 (see actual folders on your machine) as odrive1 did? Or is everything just through the odrive2 app now?



Hi @travvt,
odrive2 has some different focuses than odrive1, but there are a lot of similarities.

odrive2’s main interface is the UI that you’ve already seen, but you can also setup the advanced features that function directly within the folders on your machine. These are paid features and include sync (which functions similarly to “sync to odrive” in odrive1), backup, and backdown.

If you are a Premium subscriber on odrive1 you can also get a corresponding amount of credit on odrive2, so you can take advantage of the paid features on both platforms.

You can read more about these in that long first post in the odrive2 windows client thread that I linked to above. There are some videos in there that go over some of the features, as well.