Workflow Guidance


Sorry if I’ve missed this, but do you have guidance on the optimal workflow for someone who has a computer that’s full up, has space in the cloud which they can now access via Odrive incl. sync/backup etc. - what’s the best way to back up what’s on the pc, get it in the cloud and off the pc, and then have easy access to all the files on a daily basis, as and when needed. I want to reduce what’s on the pc, but still have easy access to all files. I also don’t want to get into a muddle with new files created on the pc.
Is this something you could provide a walkthrough for bearing in mind new odrive, as I’m sure it’d be a useful guidance/best practice for many of your users.
Many thanks!


Hi @fatangel01,
The default interaction of odrive2 is via the odrive Explorer UI. This is an interface that mimics the normal Windows Explorer and allows you to see all of your files, including thumbnail previews. When you double-click on a file it will open it up so that you can view/edit it. If you edit the file, the change will automatically be uploaded to the cloud. Check out the “Release Highlights” here for some more information on this: Odrive2 Windows client is now available!

odrive2 also has a backup feature that will allow you to designate a local location for backup to the remote location of your choice. This is intended for on-going backup, however, and it sounds like you may want more of a migration (copy), from local to remote.

For migration, you can use the “copy” feature in odrive2. When you drag and drop a folder from your local system into a remote location visible in the odrive Explorer, it will present you with a few options of what you want to do with the data. See image below:

The “Copy” option will upload that selected folder to the remote location. Once safely uploaded you could then interact with that data via the odrive2 Explorer, in an on-demand fashion, and free up the local space.

Does any of the above sound in-line with what you are wanting to achieve?


Hi @Tony - a belated thanks for this info. Very helpful!

Out of interest, do any of those options include uni-directional sync, by which I mean pushing any changes from pc to cloud but not the other way? Is that Backup?

Also, on an unrelated note, is there any way to get a summary of which items/folders have been downloaded/cached?

Thanks again!


Hi @fatangel01,

Yup! The backup functionality goes one-way, from your PC to the cloud storage. We also have backdown that is one-way from the cloud storage to your PC.

Sorry, but there isn’t a way to do this, currently.


Thanks @Tony. As you’ll have seen from our over thread, I went for the sync option. Presumably if I stop paying for the sync subscription, everything that’s copied over stays copied over, but any changes on the pc will no longer be added to the cloud and vice versa?
Thanks again.


Hi @fatangel01,
That is correct. The sync relationship will be removed, but the local files will remain.